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“In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.”

- Albert Einstein


In Transcendent Intervention Strategies *PVEST is used as a framework in which other theories can rest. Our version of what we call PVESTualization has been applied to all aspects of the research cycle from intervention conceptualization, implementation and iteration; to assessment development, data analysis and data interpretation; and finally to replication and scaling efforts. Using PVEST as a framework allows for the use of additional theories to inform the work. However we assert, that according to PVEST, the underlying motivational factors of academic behaviors area vested in one’s academic identity. Since identity is malleable, change occurs once new coping mechanisms are deployed to replace habitual pattern of behavior. PVEST posits that the the development of habitual responses is context-dependent. Therefore, knowledge of protective and risk factors within the learning ecology are needed to create interventions that generate measurable behavioral change. Ultimately the behavioral change we seek must lead to higher grades attainment for the students and more student-centered teaching by the instructor.

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