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Writing with Someone Else on the Line

In last week’s blog I reported on the first session of the CareFull Scholars Program where we discussed “Why Write?” It was clear that we all knew why we OUGHT to be writing but the real question was “HOW to Write” in light of busy schedules, urgent (but not always important) interruptions, other professional and personal commitments and the necessity of R&R.

Even hashing out 15 minutes per day is difficult…but it’s not impossible. What makes it easier is when there are others on the line…the Zoom line. During our bi-weekly 45 minute session, fifteen minutes is given to checking-in; fifteen to a lesson and fifteen to writing. We write together and remain on the zoom call with the audio silenced…except for Meya who, like me, writes better to soothing Jazz. At the end we say goodbye and go on with our day.

Over and over again, I hear people say, “I can’t believe I got so much done in 15 minutes.” Or “It was nice to have other people writing with me.” Or “I think I’m going to write for a little while longer.” You don’t need to be in the CareFull Scholars program to find a writing partner. However, commitment is the key…and it could be that committing to another person who is going to be on the line with you can serve as the best way to get yourself there.

You do have 15 minutes…so just write.

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