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Welcome HBCU Faculty!

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Welcome to our updated site. This is your space, where scholars are nurtured and your scholarship is valued. Here you will find resources developed to fulfill the mission of the HBCU STEM Undergraduate Success Research Center. Our communities of practice are people like you. Scholars who have a passion for their field and for their students. Scholars who wish to publish and write grants but have so many demands on their time and mind, that sometimes the scholarship suffers. We are here to help with that. Our CareFull Scholars Model was developed for us by us because not everyone gets it.

Generating scholarship in a way that feels fulfilling and nurturing is what we are about. At the same time we contribute rigorous and impactful science to our disciplines. We also bring a humanizing lens to the science of teaching and learning by focusing on the many assets that our students bring to our institutions. We do this by writing. We write every day Monday through Friday. We write for a minimum of 15 minutes and an optimum of 30 minutes five days a week. We write as a practice and not just for a project. We clarify our thinking by writing. We heal ourselves through writing.

Please join us.

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