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Time for the Doing

One learns from books and example only that certain things can be done. Actual learning requires that you do those things.”Frank Herbert APPLICATIONS NOW BEING ACCEPTED FOR THE 3rd Annual Psychometric Short Course and the 2nd Annual In-Person Writing Retreat. Psychometric Short Course and In-Person Writing Retreat

The week of July 17-22

The 3rd Annual Psychometric Short Course- July 17-19, 2023

This course is open to researchers wishing to expand their knowledge of educational statistics. The course will feature a demonstration project from a large data set but participants will be encouraged to bring their own data that is in need of analysis and/or interpretation. . The course will explore the value of descriptive statistics, exploratory analysis and inferential (hypothesis driven) statistical tools. ALL educational data has value but sometimes it is hidden. So our theme is, "Your Data is a Gold Mine: Using Descriptive and Exploratory techniques to tell your story" This course is like a data treasure hunt that will help you find the gold! The Psychometric Short Course is much more than a course. Each summer we have learned more about the science of psychometrics and have used that knowledge to inform each of the three components of our “Transcendent Intervention Strategies." Those components are Humanizing Theory, Generative Dissemination and Asset-Focused Assessment. Using these strategies we build connections between and among our institutional STEM research partners. Our goal is to help you tell your story using your own data. It's your gold, we just provide the tools.

Here's the link to apply for the Psychometric Shortcourse. The 2nd annual In-Person Writing Retreat, July 19-22, 2023 The theme for our second annual In-person Writing Retreat will be "The Tools We Use to Produce". Just like any craftsman has specific tools designed for specific purposes, we will examine some important tools used in our (information-based) craft of scholarly writing. The retreat schedule is designed for learning about, closely examining and then using the tools on your own personal projects...but doing so in a collaborative, peaceful and contemplative way. This course builds upon the writing techniques used by our CareFull Scholars Community of Practice. Last year's 2022 Cohort of CareFull Scholars produced a manuscript using techniques practiced over the six month course. Meeting virtually, every other week for 45 minutes, participants were encourged to "write as a practice and not just for a product." The meetings focused on adopting skills around "structures of support" that aimed to remove all points of friction associated with writing. Thus, participants were urged to create peaceful and organized enviornments in which to write. These included uncluttered physical, emotional and mental environments as well as an organized technical environment. The goal for this year's Writing Retreat is to use the tools to actually "Produce." Participants will be invited to bring a work in progress- either a new grant or manuscript idea and to substantially move the project forward using our Structures for Support and focusing on the work with an undistracted mind for 3 days. Help will be provided by our CareFull Scholars co-leaders Dr. Jessye Talley and Dr. Lauren Kendall Brooks. Participants will also learn about the Racial Equity Grant that will be submitted by the Hub in October. This effort will add to the scholarship on women of color in the academy by focusing on the lived experience of African American women teaching at minority serving institutions. The effort is being led by co-directors, Drs. Gail Hollowell (PI) and Avis Jackson (co-PI) and also Hub Senior Advisor Dr. Michelle Chatman (co-PI). Here's the link to apply for the In-Person Writing Retreat. If you are interested in attending BOTH the Psychometric Short Course and the In person Writing Retreat, please apply at both links.

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