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Our CareFull Scholars Program

The Analytic Hub continues to develop and improve our unique model for faculty development. Our CareFull Scholars Program is a holistic and generative training model developed by the Hub’s Senior Advisor, Dr. Michelle Chatman. The four pillars of the CareFull Scholars are Collaborative Care and Well-Being; Authentic Relationships, Equitable Engagement and Intellectual Rigor. These principles, when applied to scientific inquiry result in a fundamental change in the way we do science because we include in the inquiry the study of ourselves.

By combining our CareFull Scholars program within a Community of Practice, we seek to directly address feelings of self-doubt, overwhelm and isolation that impede scholarly work. We take the time to cultivate calmness of mind and to organize the innovative and creative ideas that come from a peaceful and less hurried state.

Moreover, while we all may be trained in different scientific disciplines, what we have in common is the teaching of science to others. Our students sometimes lack a strong background in STEM, requiring even more of our mental and emotional support. When is there time for conducting studies? How about in the classroom.

In addition to a focus on data and assessment which is spearheaded by Dr . Avis Jackson, our Communities of Practice include "Teaching as Intervention". At Virginia State, a group of faculty focus on Meta-cognitive student-centered practices that are delivered while teaching academic content. Now in its third year, the group has expanded and will present at a national conference next month. More about their work will be featured on this site.

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