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Ode to Students in Chapter 2

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

It’s been difficult for me to write in the last week. Despite trying so very hard to get in my 30 minutes every day and not to have an urgent and important deadline sneak up on me. It just didn’t happen. Now I’m tired and a little discouraged. It’s not just the not-writing that has me bummed. It’s my other day job- the teaching.

Don’t get my wrong. I normally love teaching but It is the fifth week of classes and I’m still on Chapter 2. Now for a person like me, who has taught Physiological Psychology for over 25 years and does research in the Science of Teaching and Learning it means something significant to be on chapter 2 at week 5 in the semester. But this semester is unique. It is my first full semester back in the classroom since Covid and it feels like I need an intervention for my own self.

So To feel better I’ve written a poem:

Ode to my students in Chapter 2

I know we have not known each other for long So, it’s rather soon to feel like something is wrong Do I need more time to get to know you? Or Is it because we are only on chapter 2?

I’m trying to discuss but the silence is loud I can’t turn to the page cause the book’s in the cloud I’m beginning to think I will never get through I feel pressure to get beyond chapter 2. When I asked you a question, seeking a no or a yes Your only comment “Will this be on the test?” You obviously do not yet believe in my truth Learning this science is NOT too hard for you.

But structures of brain there are more than a few. Plain Memorization is what first you must do To understand how you sleep and dream and see We must build a foundation and then on to Chapter 3

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