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Doing Things Differently in 2023

WHY Join the CareFull Scholars Program

Have you created an outline for your next proposal submission? Identified potential collaborators for your project? Or better yet, have you put the finishing touches on your manuscript? Are you still trying to do projects by yourself and frustrated with the outcome?

Twenty twenty-two is coming to a quick close and over the next few weeks, you may ask yourself several questions about your work. For example, what projects are unfinished or will I have time to relax over the holiday break? What goals do I want to set for next year and does that include self-care?

Rather than trying to cram all of your proposal ideas and writing projects into the last few weeks of the year, think about doing things differently in 2023. In addition, this project provides the opportunity for you to join an active research project exploring the Science of Teaching and Learning at an HBCU.

WHAT Should You Expect

What would it look like if you wrote 15 minutes every day, Monday through Friday? How much writing would you have at the end of each month, at the end of each quarter, at the end of each year? What would it look like to take time for yourself every day, spend quality time with family and friends, and still get your writing projects done?

Are you looking for community building, structures for support, a collaborative writing experience and learning how to relax? If so, the CareFull Scholars Program is here for you. Writing coaches and contemplative practitioners will help to enhance your writing productivity and teach you how to keep self-care in the forefront of your life.

WHEN Will It Happen

Our CareFull Scholars Program will begin February with 1 hour noon meetings via Zoom, every other week. The first 30 minutes will consist of check-ins and brief talks on structures of support for your writing practice. The biweekly sessions culminate in July with an In-Person Writing Retreat outside of Baltimore, MD. Housing and food are covered by the Analytic Hub.

WHO Will Facilitate

The bi-weekly sessions will be co-facilitated by alumni from our first Cohort, Dr. Jessye Talley and Dr. Lauren Kendall-Brooks.

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