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2023 Cohort II CareFull Scholars Registration Now Open

The CareFull Scholars Program:

Writing as Practice and Within Community

Start Date:* Week of Feb 8 End Date: Week of June 30

* A poll of best day/time will be sent out to final participant list.

Purpose or Intention of this program is to:

1. Introducie colleagues to the possiblity of rest and restoration as a life (and therefore work) priority

2. Encourage participants to increase personal productivity, as well as, improve health and well being throug a regular writing practice.

3. Experience with colleagues the insights, ideas and innovations arising through writing from a rested and restored right mind.

Desired Outputs of the program are:

1. Submit collaborative NSF grant by October 2023 authored by 2022 Cohort I participants with input from 2023 Cohort II participants

2. Complere final draft of a collaboraitve writing project by Corhort II participants by August 1, 2023. AND/OR

3. Submit a collaborative *pre-registration to Open Science Framework authored by Cohort II participants

*Pre-registration is an outline of a planned study with all components of the research provided before the study is started. A DOI is assigned to a pre-registration, making it a citation.

Desired Outcomes of the program are:

For all participants to write; research to write; or organize to write for 15 minutes minimum; 30 minutes optimum Monday through Friday

To adopt and maintain habits that support the writing practice.

To establish a community of practice based on mutual respect and appreciation of all of our gifts.

To enroll potential partners for data collection for on-going reserach conducted by the HBCU STEM-US Center.

What is asked of you:

Our twice monthly synchronous Zoom meeting will provide the structure we need to stay on task. The 45 minute calls will open with a generative practice; including a brief check-in. This is followed by a weekly lesson on a structure for support. The meeting will end with a 15 minute writing segment. Participants are asked to be present on all zoom calls for the complete call.

Participants are also encouraged to attend an In-Person Writing Retreat and Psychometric Short Course to be held in July outside of Baltimore, Md. As part of this research program, all participants will receive financial compensation. Room and Board and Travel costs will be covered by the organizers as funds allow.

Interested, then follow this link and apply.

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