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Transcendent Intervention Strategies

The outward facing research arm of the HBCU STEM-Undergraduate Success Research Center is the Analytic Hub. The Hub utilizes  “Transcendent Intervention Strategies" to build connections between and among our institutional STEM research partners. Starting with an aligned psychological theory, we support research on various types of multi-disciplinary academic interventions with social science methods.  We do this by using a common validated assessment instrument that identifies potential protective and risk factors associated with the learning context. We share our collective data and provide meaningful analysis based on the uniqueness of each institution. We also work together to create manuscripts and presentations so that impactful interventions can be shared. Therefore, our intervention strategy transcends normal psychological studies by fusing research methodology with practical implementation, followed by sharing the knowledge of what works to multiple audiences.

Transcendent Intervention Strategies utilize:
  • A trans-disciplinary research approach that includes the well-being of the researcher as a component of the work. We use writing as a means of transcending limiting beliefs. Our model seeks a more generative and soul-fulfilling way to be a productive scholar by bringing thoughtful care and attention to the the act of producing scholarship; the products of scholarly work and the scholar's mental and emotional health. Our CareFull Writing Program is used by the CSP Faculty Cohorts and includes a bimonthly zoom call to facilitate an ongoing collaborative or personal writing project. Included in the program is coaching for writing as a practice and an invitation to our In- Person Writing Retreats.

  • A humanizing lens to the science of teaching and learning through theoretical models that affirm the humanity of our participants. Theories and Practices

  • Strength-based assessment focusing on the many assets that our students bring to our institutions. Data and Assessment Community of Practice

  • Generative Dissemination to support the outflow of information that will contribute to sustainable and lasting change. Partners and Collaborators

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